VR (Virtual Reality) headsets tend to cause motion sickness to their users, making the overall VR experience unpleasant.


Introduce virtual eye exercises in between normal VR scenes to minimize the degree of visually induced motion sickness(VIMS) experienced by users.

I presented the original idea, collected experimental data from users, and contributed in the write-up

20 participants were recruited from the Computer Graphics Technology course. The experiment was performed with the Oculus Rift VR Headset with the controllers that tracked the users head movement. The experiment had a shooting VR game in which the player has to shoot the floating targets in three-dimensional space spawning in 360 degrees. The participants were exposed to pre-and post SSQ for both the sessions that had the virtual eye exercise and that did not have the virtual eye exercise as illustrated in the figure on the right.

Virtual Eye Exercise to reduce Motion Sickness

A VR game prototype with Virtual Eye exercises in between the scenes to reduce VR sickness. 

What I did

Experimental Design