Bodygraphe is an interactive visual dancing application that maps a dancer's gestures to digitally created visuals. 


Due to Microsoft Kinect


In 2015, Cyark and Lahore University of Management Sciences partnered to preserve these sites digitally using state of the art 3D laser technology and high resolution imagery. The output from the laser technology called LiDAR or laser scanner along with high resolution imagery from the ground and drones was combined and processed into one model. This model served as a basis for different preservation techniques ranging from accurate engineering drawings to 3D models for immersive virtual reality environments.  


This pointcloud data was then used to produce accurate elevational line drawings digitised manually by a team of architects tracing the pointcloud data given. The elevation drawings were used to create intervention proposals to delineate acceptable laws of redevelopment for the heritage urban zone.

What I did

I was the team lead for the Digital Preservation 3D Modeling Team. My responsibilities involved conducting weekly training sessions on the use of the 3D modeling softwares. I critically evaluated the team’s progress and guiding them out of deadlocks. I also improved efficiency and productivity by researching better alternatives to traditional texturing techniques by suggesting the use of 3DReshaper software.  My technical work involved creating 3D models from point cloud data and on-site scanning of Masjid Wazir Khan and Derawar Fort.